WHS Management

WHS Management

As a business owner, you are required to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks as reasonably practical.  A systematic approach with the commitment and leadership of management is the best approach. To help you meet this objective, HR Focus will assist you implement a WHS management plan, to address the business risks and demonstrate your commitment.

Who is it for ?

WHS management is for every business looking to protect themselves, their business and their workers. Some businesses need to manage High Risk work as a priority, others need to show they have control of their risks, while others want to go beyond and be leaders in their industry.   We can help implement a WHS system for;


  • Implement safety systems to comply with state and national legislative requirements.

  • Tendering and working with Tier 1,2 and 3  construction businesses.

  • Contractor & Building Management

  • New businesses 

Benefits to your Business

The benefits of a WHS management system can be summarised into 3 areas.

  • Safer Workers

  • Compliance with State/National laws

  • Proof of WHS for new and ongoing work (tenders).

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